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Could this happen to you?

Non-compliance can cost you millions!

It happens daily. It’s only news because George Calombaris is a celebrity Chef. He’s been forced to pay out up to $2.6 million for underpayments to 403 of his restaurant’s employees. The company blamed "historically poor processes".

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Many businesses have poor HR processes.

Non compliance can cost your business millions. Are your business processes killing you?

It’s reported that Calombaris was "devastated" by the situation, which led to staff members being repaid an average of more than $16,000.

"Our amazing team members are the key to our success. I am sorry we have messed up and let you down on a fundamental issue, which is to ensure our people are paid their full entitlements," he said in a statement. We work with businesses everyday to implement simple systems and reduce the risks associated with employing staff.


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