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Gallup revealed that only 32% of employees are actively engaged in their work at any one moment. The other 68% is split between those who are disengaged and actively disengaged.

Employee and management culture are the lead indicators of business performance. 


Unfiltered employee feedback is one of the most useful tools in developing a company; allowing managers to gather a clear understanding of the health of the team and how engaged employees feel, without relying on hearsay and guesswork.


If you don't measure it, you can't manage it!

Employee culture surveys are a tried and tested process of measuring the various factors that impact employees' engagement levels. Essentially, it is a way for businesses to track how likely an employee is to stay in their role and fully commit to it.

FUSION Culture Surveys are an independent means of allowing your staff the opportunity to voice their concerns and arm you with a strategy of betterment moving forward.

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Contact us to discuss how People Engine can help your organisation implement an Employee Engagement Survey

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