Your people are your greatest resource


At People Engine, we'll  help your organisation get proactive and strategic about your people by aligning your organisational goals and strategy to the five core areas of the HRF 101: Human Resource Framework.

People Engine's Organisational Measurement and Planning activities include:

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Data Analysis

  • Employee Benchmarks

  • Employee Analysis

  • HR Plan mapping to strategy and analysis findings

  • Annual HR Planning


People Engine is highly trained and experienced helping organisations of any size with your HR Strategy and Planning.  We use the STAR Workplace methodology to quickly and reliably produce an organisational snapshot to identify levels of Employer and Employee Engagement, strategic risk areas and initiatives that are working well within your organisation.


We use this data to develop your customised Annual HR plan with clear action items and goals.


Take the next step with People Engine. 

Organisational Measurement and Planning

People Engine help businesses get proactive and strategic about their people