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What is STAR Workplace?

People Engine help businesses device a STAR Workplace program to recognise and celebrate achievements of STAR employers and dedicated employees

The STAR Workplace program is designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of STAR employers and the dedicated employees that work within the organisation. 


Based on research conducted by the HR Coach Research Institute, the STAR Workplace Program is a key measure of an organisation's ability to create Strategic Action in their business.  It also highlights organisations that are committed to attracting, retaining and developing high quality staff.

The STAR Workplace Program has been used since 2008 to survey thousands of workers across all industries and organisation sizes.

Any organisation, regardless of size, can be a STAR Workplace.


People Engine can work with you to create an engaged and productive workplace where both the Employer and Employees have high levels of satisfaction within the workplace and there is a clear focus on making strategy happen. 

Want to learn more?

Contact us to day to discuss how People Engine can help your organisation implement the STAR workplace program.

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