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The Business Health Check is an online business diagnostic to benchmark how your business is performing across six key metrics*.  Each area is rated, providing you with a snapshot of key areas for management focus and action planning. We'll discuss where your gaps are and actions required to drive performance and profit.

* Strategy   |   Finance   |   Marketing & Customer   |   Process, Systems & Internal Business   |   People   |   Corporate Social Responsibility

Communication Breakthrough!

DiSC Workshop

Because DiSC profiles describe behavioural style, they are ideal tools for the work environment. While measuring a persons' personality type can be helpful, we can't really expect people to change their personality.

It is possible, however, to learn to adapt our style for improved outcomes, communication and effectiveness in the work environment. 


This 1-day Training session allows participants to learn about the DiSC model, identify their preferred working style and the similarities and differences amongst the DiSC styles.

It provides a platform for further development in leadership, sales and management.


Each participant will have the opportunity to identify what works for them and what challenges them when working with each style and how to better understand the people they work with.


We explore how others have learnt to bridge their differences using DiSC and practice using DiSC to build more effective relationships at work.The training session concludes with an action plan for building more effective relationships. 

Includes a full individual profile (RRP $165), resources and lunch.

$349 pp

DiSC Workshop

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