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How to achieve healthier profit

A typical case study: achievements ...

Less Staff Turnover



Happier People
Improved  Productivity



Improved Profitability
Another example - the Institute for Employment Studies report cited that organisations increasing investment in employee engagement by just 10% can increase profit by approximately $2,750 per employee, per year.

People Engine aligns and empowers your people to drive Performance and Profit

Have you ever noticed that businesses with engaged teams seem to have delighted customers? And businesses that deliver great service also seem to have happy teams? Not surprisingly, the profit seem to flow. Big tick!

Your business might seem to be doing well because everyone is so very busy! But if we dig a little, are you achieving the results you seek? Or are you constantly putting out fires; busy being busy? Do you feel that your employees could be more productive or that you seem to be losing that competitive edge?

People Engine helps great businesses become even better. We also help businesses (possibly like yours) who are struggling to manage growth, by empowering people to drive performance and profit.


Learn how we help businesses achieve Healthier Profit >


A well-oiled People Engine will drive Healthy Profit! We're here to coach you on your Human Resource needs so you can engage your people. In turn, they will look after your customers and business drivers. Before you know it, the results will flow. And we will show you how to measure and manage this effectively.

Imagine your people empowered to drive healthier profit for your business. Contact People Engine for a chat.

People Engine Owner

Kayley Riddle


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People Engine
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Before we chat, you might want to start with your Business Health Assessment. This assessment is valued at $495 and is provided to you at NO COST. The Business Health Check is an online business diagnostic to benchmark how your business is performing across six key metrics*.  Each area is rated, providing you with a snapshot of key areas for management focus and action planning. We'll discuss where your gaps are and actions required to drive performance and profit.

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